lanscan: Display HP-UX LAN Device Configuration & Status

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# lanscan
Hardware Station        Crd Hdw   Net-Interface  NM  MAC       HP-DLPI DLPI
Path     Address        In# State NamePPA        ID  Type      Support Mjr#
0/1/2/0  0x123456789123 0   UP    lan0 snap0     1   ETHER     Yes     119
0/1/2/1  0x123456789124 1   UP    lan1 snap1     2   ETHER     Yes     119
0/3/1/0  0x123456789125 2   UP    lan2 snap2     3   ETHER     Yes     119
0/4/1/0  0x123456789126 3   UP    lan3 snap3     4   ETHER     Yes     119

lanscan displays the following information about each LAN device and VLAN interface that have software support on the system:

• Hardware Path.
• Active Station Address (also known as Physical Address).
• Card Instance Number.
• Hardware State.
• Network Interface
• Network Management ID.
• MAC Type.
• HP DLPI Supported.
• DLPI Major Number.
• Extended Station Address
• Encapsulation Methods

Command Options

-a : Display station addresses only.  No headings.

-i : Display interface names only.  No headings.

-l : Display information about PPAs that are acquired by APA. No headings.

-m : Display MAC types only.  No headings.

-n : Display Network Managements IDs only.  No headings.

-p : Display PPA and/or VPPA (PPA associated with a VLAN) numbers only.  No headings.

-q : Same as -p, except link aggregate PPA’s. No headings.

-v : Verbose output.


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