LC10: SQL access is not possible

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From the initial page of transaction code LC10, you encountered below error,

LC10 - SQL access is not possible

At the bottom of the page (left side), you’ll see an error stated,

database error -4025 at CON


1. Check that the source system (SAP SCM) is UNICODE or NON-UNICODE.

2. Check the LiveCache (MaxDB) is UNICODE or NON-UNICODE. This can checked using the DBM GUI. Connect to your DBM GUI, go to Information > Parameter > Extended. Look for parameter DefaultCodePage. Alternatively, you can execute via SQL session.

dbmcli on ARA> param_directget DEFAULT_CODE

3. Check the LiveCache user default code. Open your DBM GUI MaxDB. Go to Configuration > Database User. A pop up will comes up, fill in the SUPERDBA/PASSWORD and press Enter. The next page will show the list of user that existed in the system. Highlight your LiveCache user and click on Properties. Under Extended tab, you’ll see the default code.

MaxDB - Database User Properties Extended

4. As for my issue, the LiveCache user is set to DEFAULT thus failing the SQL access. I’ve changed the LiveCache user to UNICODE and it’s working fine after that.

SAPARA = UNICODE (LiveCache user)

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