Logwatch Tool – Collecting Portal DefaultTrace logs

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All the information here are taken from the SAP Note 1593107 – Logwatch Tool – Collecting Portal DefaultTrace logs.

How to record the Java Engine traces (DefaultTraces) to get the relevant information about the issue you are facing in order to analyze a Portal Error/Exception. Many traces may not be relevant or you may be in doubt about the exactly logs that are being recorded during the time you are reproducing the issue or even you may also need to increase log severity to get more information from the code that is being executed in the Java engine.

1. First of all, ensure the executor is assigned with the content admin role. Easiest way is just assign SAP_J2EE_ADMIN to the user (for temporary used).

2. Open your web browser and use below URL to launch the Logwatch Tool.


3. Open another tab and login to the SAP portal using the above ID. This session will be use to reproduce the error. Use below command to ensure both browser sessions are connected to the same server node.  You can compare the saplb_* value and it should be the same for both browsers.

” javascript:alert(document.cookie) “

Logwatch Javascript

4. Next, you have to ADD the components and its severity to record the traces.  In this example, we are using the component com.sap.portal.connectors.R3 and define the severity to ERROR.

Logwatch Error Type

5. Press Record to capture the logs. You can use the Save button to save the logs into .html file.

Logwatch Record

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