MaxDB 7.8 Installation Steps

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The installation is using MaxDB 7.8 on Windows Server 2008 R2 version.

1. Double click the installer to start the installation. Accept the MaxDB license agreement.

MaxDB Installation - Accept License

2. Select Install.

MaxDB Installation - Install

3. Select the Features. By default, all features are selected.

MaxDB Installation - MaxDB Features

4. Specify the paths shared for the MaxDB installation.

MaxDB Installation - Specify paths

5. Enter the installation properties.

MaxDB Installation - Installation Properties

6. Select the database template. Desktop PC/Laptop is for single user environment (for testing and development) and for Custom, you can define/customize the memory, CPU, data files and other parameters.

MaxDB Installation - Database Template

7. Specify the database username and password. You can adjust the username. But, recommended to use the default as assigned.

MaxDB Installation - Database Name & Password

8. Define the volume paths for data and log files. You can set the naming, size and the locations.

MaxDB Installation - Specify the Volume Paths

9. Allocate the system resources (DB size, memory, CPU and Parallel DB session).

MaxDB Installation - Assign System Resource

10. Specify the global database setting.

MaxDB Installation - Specify Global DB Settings

11. Finalize the installation summary and you can start the MaxDB installation once confirmed.

MaxDB Installation - Summary

12. Monitor the progress till the you see the notification “You have successfully installed SAP MaxDB.”

MaxDB Installation - Installing

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