Mount ISO Image in AIX

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1. Check the ISO image size.

# ls -al | grep myfile.iso
-rw-r--r--   1 root     system    193123444 Jan 30 00:30 myfile.iso

2. As above example, the image is approximately 193MB, so use 194MB as an image size. Create a logical volume for the ISO image.

# mklv -y cdlv -s n -L /dev/cdlv rootvg 194M hdisk0

Additional note:
If the command fails, increase the volume size by a multiple of 128.

3. Create a pseudo-device.

# dd if=/myiso.iso of=/dev/cdlv

Additional note:
This command may take a long time and will create two dd processes.

4. Mount the device like a CD-ROM in AIX. Ensure that the mount point is exist, if not create a new directory to mount it.

# mount -v cdrfs -o ro /dev/cdlv /mnt/isofolder

5. Change directory into /mnt/isofolder

# cd /mnt/isofolder
# ls

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