Mount ISO Image in HP-UX

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On HP-UX 11.11:

1. Start the pfs mount daemon and the pfs daemon.

# nohup pfs_mountd &
# nohup pfsd &

2. Create the directory to mount to and run the pfs_mount command:

# mkdir /<iso-folder>
# pfs_mount -o xlat=UNIX /<path-to-your-iso-file> /<iso-folder>

On HP-UX 11.31:

1. Check the file size.

# du -k /tmp/<your-iso-file>

2. Create a logical volume for <your-iso-file>.

# lvcreate -L <size-in-MB> -n iso /dev/vg00

Additional note:
The name of the logical volume will be /dev/vg00/iso

3. Copy <your-iso-file> to raw logical volume.

# dd if=/tmp/<your-iso-file> of=/dev/vg00/riso bs=64k

4. Create a new directory and mount on it.

# mkdir /<iso-folder>
# mount /dev/vg00/iso /<iso-folder>

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