How to Move Sybase IQ Table to Another DBspace

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You can use the SAP Control Center to move the Sybase IQ table from the current dbspace to another dbspace. You must the following authorization privileges to execute the activity.

Database VersionTable Privileges
SAP Sybase IQ 15.3 and 15.4 • DBA authority • SPACE ADMIN authority • You own the table and have CREATE permission on the target dbspace
SAP Sybase IQ 16.0 ALTER ANY TABLE system privilege • ALTER ANY OBJECT system privilege • MANAGE ANY DBSPACE system privilege • ALTER permission on the table and CREATE permission on the target dbspace • You own the table and have CREATE permission on the target dbspace

1. Login to the SAP Control Center with the authorized username and password.

2. Navigate to the following directory, IQ Servers > Schema Objects > Tables > Tables.

SAP CC - Tables

3. Double click on the Tables and you will see all the tables from the right panel. Click on which table you required to move and select Move.

SAP CC - Tables Move

4. A dialog box will prompt, from here, select the New DBspace and click OK.

Move Objects Dialog

5. Done. It’s very fast but still, it depends on your table size.


Sybase Infocenter

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