My Google Feedburner Subscribers are Missing!

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My feedburner subscribers are suddenly missing/drop, from 135 users to 2 users only!

Google - Feedburner Subscribers Missing


1. Go to Troubleshootize tab. You can follow the instructions as per recommended.

2. Ping FeedBurner using below link address. The ping will immediately update your feeds data instead of normal every 30 minutes interval.

3. Check your feeds for validity problems. Access below link address and execute as using your website address.

4. If your feedburner subscribers have reached more than 512K users, it will not process the feeds anymore! Ensure you subscribers does not reached this value yet.

5. Finally, if still not solved! You can use this ultimate option, RESYNC your feed. You are advise to only use the resync function if the feeds data is not updating for more than 1 hour. The process will cache the versions, refreshing the contents and report any formatting error.

6. Now, you’ll just need to wait until your feed is recovered.

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  • I lost 1400 subscribers last night…

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