Photon: Free CDN Service by Jetpack WordPress

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A must use plugin for WordPress (unless you already bought other CDN services) and for us, it is one of the best deal plugin offered by Jetpack WordPress. The important thing is, it’s FREE. Everyone loves free things.

Wordpress Photon Jetpack

Some briefs about Photon [source]

Photon is an image acceleration and editing service for sites hosted on or on Jetpack-connected WordPress sites. That means less load on your host and faster images for your readers.

How to activate / deactivate / configure Photon?

Install the Jetpack plugin. Once installed, click on the Jetpack and look for Photon (as above screenshot). There will be button for Activate. To deactivate, click on Learn More and choose Deactivate.

JetPack Dashboard

So, how about config? No need to configure anything. Once activated, the Photon will do everything for your images! That’s a 5-star rating! Easy!

To check if your images been “Photonized” (my own term) or not, [using Mozilla Firefox] – Right click on the images and select View Image. If your image is “Photonized”, you will see as below URL,

Need more information, head to the official support & developer site for Photon. You can get others information on below,

• How Photon Works
• Limitation using Photon
• Questions & Answers

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