Profile SAP_CUST recommended for copying from client 000

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Profile SAP_CUST recommended for copying from client 000
Message no. TA275


Client 000 contains central data which is accessed from other clients if they do not have it, e.g. variants and SAPscript forms. These objects are only written into client 000 in upgrades, so clients which have copied these objects use obsolete objects.

The consistency of the application data is also not guaranteed in client 000, so there can, for example be problems with number ranges after a copy into the target client.

Client 000 should not contain any application data which is relevant for you. If it does, it is an application or user error.


Only select the copy profile SAP_CUST for a copy from client 000.

If you do want to copy application data in a special case, the target client will access obsolete data after installing a Support Package or making an upgrade.

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