RDDIMPDP: At present there is no header entry in table TRBAT

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You are executing the job RDDIMPDP in the SAP system. From the job log of transaction code SM37, below log coming out,

Job started
Step 001 started (program RDDIMPDP, variant , user ID DDIC)
Program RDDIMPDP is running in client 000
At present there is no header entry in table TRBAT
Job finished


The notification is not actually an error. It happens when,

• You have multiple RDDIMPDP running on the system
• No transport available to import.

To get rid of this, you can manually delete all the active RDDIMPDP jobs from your system.

Then, login as DDIC (or whatever user with the necessary privileges) to the client 000. Execute report RDDNEWPP using transaction code SE38. You will get the following screen – Select Normal. You will received notification on job RDDIMPDP has been scheduled on the client 000. Do the same steps on other clients as well.

RDDIMPDP Background Scheduling


There is no need to run the job RDDIMPDP manually because by default the job has been set to run as per SAP_TRIGGER_RDDIMPDP_CLIENT event.


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