How to Remove Unused WordPress Custom Fields

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2 method can be use to delete any unwanted custom fields in your WordPress. Before start to make the removal, please do a backup of your WordPress site.

Wordpress Custom Field

Method 1

There are few plugins available which you can use to do the removal. In this tutorial, we are using Edit Custom Fields plugin.

1. Install and activate the plugin.

Edit Custom Fields Plugin

2. Go to Tools > Edit Custom Fields. Now, check any of boxes which required removal. You are done!

Delete Custom Field Plugin

Method 2

1. This step will use phpMyAdmin to remove the unused custom fields. So, log in to the cPanel and click on phpMyAdmin.

cPanel HostGator - phpMyAdmin

2. Click on wp_postmeta.

phpMyAdmin - wp_postmeta

3. Click on Browse distinct values under meta_key (We put 2 screenshots here).

phpMyAdmin - metakey

phpMyAdmin - metakey - Browse Distinct Value

4. You will see all the list of custom fields here.

metakey lists

5. Example, you want to remove sociallocker_facebook_share_title. Click on the Search tab and fill in the name on meta_key.

phpMyAdmin - Search

6. You will get the below screen. To delete, just hit the Delete link.

phpMyAdmin - Delete Custom Field

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