Request/task [TR-NO] can be changed only by holder [USER-ID]

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Request/task DEVK12345 can be changed only by holder ITSITI
Message no. TR771


Request/task DEVK12345 could not be edited because request/task DEVK12345 belongs to user ITSITI.

System Response

The function terminates.


To execute the function anyway, proceed as follows:

1. Discuss the change with the owner of the request.

2. Go to the hierarchical request overview of the Transport Organizer and choose Request/task -> Change owner.

3. Copy the request/task to your name.

4. Make your changes to the request/task.

5. If necessary, copy the request/task back to its previous owner.


To change the owner of the request, you require the project authorization in the Transport Organizer, S_CTS_PROJEC.


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