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Short dumps with the error ID RFC_NO_AUTHORITY are generated in the ABAP short dump transaction (transaction code ST22).


Scenario 1
If the instance profile parameter auth/rfc_authority_check is set (equal to 1), the system automatically performs an RFC authorization check. The authorization check refers to the function group of the function module to be called. If no authorization exists, a runtime error occurs.

Scenario 2
If the ABAP runtime error RFC_NO_AUTHORITY occurs with the short text: No RFC authorization for function group “-1” for user “Wrong authority”.


Scenario 1
You can use the function module AUTHORITY_CHECK_RFC to check the authorization for the affected user id. If the user id is not assign with the proper authorization, please add the authorization object S_RFC into the user id.

Scenario 2
Update patch, refer to SAP Note 93254 and Note 93254.

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