RSPARAGENER8: Parallel Processing of the Generation of ABAP Loads

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Parallel Processing of the Generation of ABAP Loads.


Alongside the reports RSPARAGENLOD and RSPARAGENJOB, the report RSPARAGENER8 also belongs to the SAP Load Generator ( SGEN: Generation of ABAP Loads and BSP Applications). The report RSGENINVLAS (Automatic Generation of Invalidated Loads) also uses the report RSPARAGENER8. RSPARAGENER8 runs as a background job (scheduled by RSPARAGENJOB in transaction SGEN or by RSGENINVLAS).

It runs as parallel jobs and splits the generation set into suitable subsets, which it then distributes to parallel jobs of the server group parallel_generators (the parallel jobs are realized as asynchronous RFCs of the function modules SUBST_GENER8_ABAP_LOADS or SUBST_GENER8_BSP_APPLS).

Once all the objects in a subset have been generated, a parallel job is assigned a new subset. This is repeated until all objects of the generation set have been processed. The size of the subsets and number of parallel jobs are chosen to make efficient use of resources.


RSPARAGENER8 generates 2 protocol:

• Messages concerning the start, termination, end and possibly errors of the generation process are output in the job log. Most messages have detailed long texts assigned to them.

• In addition, RSPARAGENER8 creates a spool request with an output list. This list contains information about the progress of the parallel processing, and information about the generation set and run time statistics.


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