RSSO_DELETE_PRIVATE: SAPoffice Administration: Delete Private Folder Items

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SAPoffice Administration: Delete Private Folder Items


Deletion of Documents from Private Folders
The report allows a user’s private folders to be viewed from the Business Workplace. You can use various selection criteria to select documents of a particular type or from a particular period.

If the report is executed in productive mode, the documents are deleted immediately. Note that the deletion of the documents cannot be undone.


Growth of the Business Communication Services data store due to:

• Automatically-generated messages that flood a user’s inbox (SPAM);

• Automatically-generated messages in a user’s outbox that are no longer required;

• Messages in folders of inactive or locked users;

• Messages in folders of technical users that cannot log on.


Use the report to check users’ folders. If appropriate, delete documents that are no longer required. Then start the reorganization to finally delete the data from other connected database tables.

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