RSSODFRE: Delete Documents from Hidden Folder

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Delete Documents from Hidden Folder


Some applications use the ‘dark folder’ to store Business Communication Services documents. It is called the ‘dark folder’ because it is not visible in the Business Workplace, unlike ‘Shared Documents’ or the ‘Shared Trash’.

This report removes documents from the ‘dark folder’ and therefore allows the reorganization of the documents and the document content.


The ‘dark folder’ is used by the following applications, for example:

• GOS Service ‘Attachment list’

• GOS Service ‘Private Memo’

• Attachments to work items


You can use various selection criteria to select the documents to be deleted, such as document age, document type and ID, creator, or document title.

You can also select whether documents that are still linked to an application object should be deleted. Caution: These documents are usually still being used by the application and should therefore only be deleted once you have confirmed they are no longer required.


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