RSSOUSCO: Consistency check of user tables

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Consistency check of user tables


User Consistency Check. Some users receive error messages when sending or receiving documents.

Error message:


• Sender or recipient name are not correctly displayed
• Users cannot send or receive documents
• Documents are sent to the wrong users
• Users cannot start any SAPoffice transactions


Inconsistency between SAP users, SAPoffice users, and address data.


The report checks the consistency between SAP users and SAPoffice users. new users are created and old users deleted. The assigned addresses from address management are checked and corrected, if necessary.

This report produces the consistency between the following tables:

• SOUD -> SAPoffice: user definition
• SOUC -> SAPoffice: reverse user (SAP user)
• USR02 -> SAP user administration logon data
• USR21 -> SAP user administration assignment user name address key
• ADCP -> BAS assignment person/address (Business Address Services)
• ADRVP -> Where-used list for persons (Business Address Services)

INSERT / UPDATE / DELETE only in SAPoffice tables (others only INSERT)

1. Check Office for all USR02 records – If not, create

2. Check USR02 (SAP USER) for all SOUD (Office) – If not, delete SOUD record – deleted flag to ‘X’

3. Has each SOUD a SOUC record? – > If not, create SOUC

4. Has each SOUC a SOUD record? -> If not, delete SOUC

5. Check addresses

5.1 USRADR = SPACE generate SO_KEY subsequently
-> If OK, SOUD update
-> If not OK, error message

– Check whether address for user in SAP user administration
– Does SAP user administration entry agree with Business Address Services and SOUD entry?
If not, BAS entry is transferred to SOUD record.

Where-used list modification.

Important : If parameter TEST started with ‘X’, changes not executed on database. For technical reasons, address data not checked.

If parameter TEST executed with ‘ ‘, all changes displayed executed on database.

This can take some time.


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