RSUSR003: Check the Passwords of Standard Users in All Clients

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Report RSUSR003 is used to make sure that the user SAP* has been created in all clients and that the standard passwords have been changed for SAP*, DDIC, SAPCPIC and EARLYWATCH users. At a glance, report RSUSR003 can tell us that all these users are properly maintained or not.

Open transaction code SE38 and execute report RSUSR003. Deselect the Display Profile Parameters and press execute (F8).

RSUSR003 - Check the Passwords of Standard Users in All Clients

The result output will show the user, client, lock status, password status, reason for user lock, number for failed log on attempts, valid from and through.

RSUSR003 - Password Status


• Exists; Password not trivial – User is existed and password is not the same as standard.
• Does not exist.Logon possible with p/w PASS. See Note 2383 – Yes, please refer to SAP Note 2383
• Password ADMIN well known. See SAP Note 29276 – Please change the password.
• Password PASSWORD is well known – Please change the password
• Does not exist – User is not existed. Please create the user (refer to Early Watch report for details)


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