SAP Error: Central user is Active. User master data is not copied

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While doing client copy, you are prompted with this error ” Central user is Active. User master data is not copied “. This is because your source system is connected to CUA. In order to resolve this, you need to temporarily deactivate the CUA connection to your child system. You just need to do for the specific client only.  Do not delete the entire model.

1. Execute SCUA in the child system and click on the delete button and remove the check for test, you can also access this via the program RSDELCUA. This will disconnect the client from the CUA landscape, to reconnect the CUA after the copy is complete, just save the model from SCUA in the CUA client again.

2. Once you have copied the users & roles to the target clients, execute BD64 in the target client and clean up the CUA model assignments – if you don’t do this step you will have some trouble connecting target clients to a CUA client.

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