SAP EX2 Kernels: Extended Kernel Maintenance

A new kernel is being provided by SAP for releases 640 and 46D. These kernels will be called the EX2 kernels. For the specific releases (640 and 46D) the kernel will be named 640_EX2 and 46D_EX2 respectively. These EX2 kernels are the successors to the 640 and the 46D_EXT kernels. Extended Kernel Maintenance is usually necessary when the database client or the OS compiler on which the original kernels were built runs out of support.

The 640_EX2 kernels are generally available but the 46D_EX2 kernel is only available for customers who have extended maintenance contracts with SAP for the 46D release.


• SAP Note 1106096
• SAP Note 1086956
• SAP Note 1058988


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