SAP Management Console (SAP MC)

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The SAP Management Console (SAP MC) provides a common framework for centralized system management. It allows you to monitor and perform basic administration tasks on the SAP system centrally, which simplifies system administration. Using the SAP MC you can: [SAP Help]

• Monitor and control (start, stop, or restart) the SAP system and its instances with a single tool
• Display SAP log and trace files, start profiles, instance parameters, the system environment, SAP environment, Internet Communication Manager (ICM) queue statistics, and so on
• Display and control Java processes
• Display the ABAP work process overview and control ABAP processes
• Monitor system alerts
• Display the current status tree
• Display the list of all access points to an SAP system
• Display information about the AS Java threads, sessions, caches, aliases, Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) sessions, and remote objects
• Display Java Virtual Machine garbage collection and heap memory information for the application server
• Save the current console configuration in a file to reuse it later or to forward it to other users
• Start third-party tools (such as Telnet), if available, to manage an application server

SAP Management Console

Starting the SAP Management Console

Open your web browser and enter the following entry. You need to enter the IP address or the hostname and the system number of your SAP system.


xx: SAP system number


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