SAP max no of gateways exceeded

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1. To identify this. You can go to transaction code AL11. Double click on DIR_HOME directory parameter and double clik on dev_rd file. Scroll down to the latest log. From the log, it stated that your SAP system is reached the maximum number of gateways. You can double check on your SAP in transaction SMGW.

*  LOCATION    SAP-Gateway on host itsiti / sapgw00
*  ERROR       max no of gateways exceeded (100)
*  TIME        Tue Aug 02 02:58:43 2011
*  RELEASE     701
*  COMPONENT   SAP-Gateway
*  VERSION     2
*  RC          631
*  MODULE      gwxxrd.c
*  LINE        8772
*  COUNTER     273818

Method 1

For a quick solution, you can execute transaction SMGW. Choose Goto > Logged on Clients / Remote Gateways. Sort the connections according to date/time. Then, delete based on old connections.

Method 2

If this issue occurred again, you may need to increase the maximum number of the remote gateways parameter. You can increase the value in transaction RZ11 via parameter rdisp/max_gateways. Default value is set to 100.

You also may need to change the parameter value for gw/so_keepalive to 1. This will let the TCP/IP network protocol sends messages to the partner. If these are not answered, an error message is reported to the initiator (in this case, the gateway) and the connection can be closed. This parameter is useful when network connections are separate by firewall software, connections are retained in the gateway because the TCP/IP network protocol does not report any connection errors. As a result, connections are repeatedly made to the same system over a longer period and this causes the gateway’s connection table to overflow.

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