SAP OS Directory Structure

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• UNIX based: use /
• Windows based: use <drive>:\

Main directory:

/usr/sap  - physical parent directory
/usr/sap/trans  - transport directory
/usr/sap/SID  - SAP system parent directory
/usr/sap/SID/SYS  - contain common & global SAP system files(i.e. profile, global, and exe directory)
/usr/sap/SID/<instance_name>  - contain SAP instance specific directories(i.e. data, log, and work)
/sapmnt  - directory structure for sharing common files to all system belonging into the same group
/sapmnt/SID  - link or share folder of directory /usr/sap/<SID>/SYS
/oracle  - directory of the whole database system
/oracle/stage  - directory that used for database installation and upgrades
/oracle/SID  - directory of the whole database application and data files

Shared directory:

/sapmnt/SID/profile  - SAP instance profile
/sapmnt/SID/global  - SAP central system log
/sapmnt/SID/exe  - SAP executable application directory

Final directory:

/sapmnt/SID/exe  - contain all SAP runtime program
/sapmnt/SID/exe/opt  - contain optimized program
/sapmnt/SID/exe/dbg  - program can run under symbolic debuggers
/sapmnt/SID/exe/run  - actual runtime program (SAP kernel)
/sapmnt/SID/global  - contain global & common data shared by all instance (i.e. central system logs & batch job logs)
/sapmnt/SID/profile  - contain instance profile (startup, default, instance-spesific)

Temporary directory

(normally refreshed when SAP instance is restarted):

/usr/sap/SID/INSTANCE-NAME/data  - contain virtual storage data (i.e. user context & roll area)
/usr/sap/SID/INSTANCE-NAME/log  - log entries generated by instance
/usr/sap/SID/INSTANCE-NAME/work  - holds all error message & trace information for the instance process

Transport directory:

/usr/sap/trans  - main transport directory
/usr/sap/trans/bin  - contain TPPARAM file (global transport parameter)
/usr/sap/trans/data  - contain transport data file
/usr/sap/trans/log  - transport logs, trace and statistic file
/usr/sap/trans/buffer  - special buffer with the SID of every system in the transport group (including control information)
/usr/sap/trans/cofiles  - control file directory
/usr/sap/trans/sapnames  - contain information of SAP User that performs export and keep tracks of each transport status
/usr/sap/trans/tmp  - temporary directory
/usr/sap/trans/actlog  - action log files (managed by SAP system)
/usr/sap/trans/olddata  - archived transport files
/usr/sap/trans/backup  - directory of logical backup with R3trans program
/usr/sap/trans/serial  - contain serialization of tp

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