SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (SAP PI) Important URL Links

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The information below is originally taken from SAP Wiki. Credit to the author.

I rarely deals with the SAP NetWeaver PI (now, SAP PO) especially with stuffs that need to be executed from the web browser. Thus, below links are really useful at least for me.

Description URL
Exchange Infrastructure Tools http://HOSTNAME:5xx00/rep
System Landscape Directory http://HOSTNAME:5xx00/sld
Runtime Workbench http://HOSTNAME:5xx00/rwb
Message Display Tool http://HOSTNAME:5xx00/MessagingSystem
Adapter Monitor http://HOSTNAME:5xx00/mdt/amtServlet
Exchange Infrastructure Profile http://HOSTNAME:5xx00/exchangeProfile
CPA Cache: Monitoring http://HOSTNAME:5xx00/CPACache
Delta CPA cache refresh http://HOSTNAME:5xx00/CPACache/refresh?mode=delta
Full CPA cache refresh http://HOSTNAME:5xx00/CPACache/refresh?mode=full


You can get other related SAP PI stuffs from here, SAP Wiki 1 and SAP Wiki 2.


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