SAP Remote Client Copy Steps

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Login to the target client. Execute transaction code SCC9. Before starting up the real remote client copy – please run as Test Run first. Click on the option Test Run. Once the Test Run completed or any found errors been eliminated, you can begin the real copy – Ensure to deselect the Test Run option.

Choose the needed profile from the Selected Profile and enter the Source Destination (list out from transaction code SM59). Please make sure the connection and authorization test are working fine from target to source.

Remote Client Copy - SCC9

Click on Parameter parallel client copy (next to RFC System Comparison) to set the Maximum Number of Processes and Save. Next, click on Schedule as Background Job (from the above screenshot).

Parameter Parallel Client Copy

In this screen, select the option Immediately and click on Schedule Job.

Schedule Client Copy in Background

Confirm your selections and click on Continue.

Client Copy Verification

The remote client copy is starting now. You can refer to transaction code SCC3 for the progress.

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