SAP Shortcut

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The SAPshortcut is a small additional SAPGUI program for Windows to start transactions more quickly, as well as to avoid the otherwise common logon screen.

Program files:
sapsh.exe (as of 4.5B sapshcut.exe)
the files can be found in the SAPGUI directory as of Release 4.0B.

The SAPshortcut can be installed and recorded with the SAPGUI installation program (as of 4.5A). In the GUI directory, start the program sapsh.exe with the parameter -register or the program sapshcut.exe without parameters (as of 45B GUI). The shortcut then enters the required registry information. Once registration is complete, you can create the shortcut by right-clicking on the Windows desktop via the menu item New->SAPshortcut (as of 620 GUI). After displaying and renaming the SAPshortcut, you can then select the menu item ‘Edit‘ by right-clicking on the SAPshortcut icon to change the shortcut.

>sapshcut -user=<USERNAME> -pw=<PASSWORD> -system=<SID> -client=<CLIENT-NUMBER>

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