SAP Single Table Update Statistics

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1. Open transaction code DB20. Put in the table name and refresh (update info). This will shows the current statistics update. Choose create to create a new statistics for the inserted table. The job will take a long run. Go to transaction code DB14 for log messages.

2. You can also use BRTOOLS and report RSANAORA to update the statistics

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  • Guido Acosta

    Hi, i have launch an update statistics for a single table but it´s during 3 days and going…
    So the Planning Calendar Update Statistics it´s failing due to lock of Brconnect function.
    How can i stop the single update statistics? Or where can in check logs of this execution?

    • Hi, you can check the logs from transaction code DB14. To cancel, please find the running process ID from operating system level and kill the process from there).

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