SAP Software Maintenance

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The software maintenance functions enable customers to update your system and implement new functions. SAP recommended that to import Support Packages at regular intervals to keep the system as up-to-date as possible. There are 3 ways to keep the SAP system updated,

• Support Package Manager: ABAP Support Packages
• Java Support Package Manager: Java Support Packages.
• Note Assistant: Implement minor program corrections or updates from SAP Notes

For ABAP, SAP sometimes updates individual components for the SAP solutions. These updates are shipped as Add-Ons. Customers can use the Add-On Installation Tool to import new versions of Add-Ons. SAP also ships additional functions, such as industry solutions, as Add-Ons. If customers want to enhance their SAP solution with new functions, then customers can also use the Add-On Installation Tool to do this. If customer require new functions in Java, they can carry out deployment for both additional SAP components and for non-SAP software components using the Java Support Package Manager.

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