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If you encountered error SPOOL_INTERNAL_ERROR.  There are 3 methods can be use to overcome the issue.

Category Internal Kernel Error
Application Component BC-ABA-LA
Date and Time 06.02.2014 11:20:35

Short text
Internal error in the spool system.

What happened?
Error in the SAP kernel.
The current ABAP “E2E_EFWK_RESOURCE_MGR” program had to be terminated because
the ABAP processor detected an internal system error.

Method 1

1. Execute report RSPO1041, SAP_REORG_SPOOL_NEW. This job deletes old spool requests.

Method 2

1. Using transaction code SP01, manually delete and set periodically remove spool request.

Method 3

1. On transaction code SPAD, go to Admin tab and select Delete Old Spool Requests.

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