SAP on SQL Server Whitepaper

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Taken from SAP Note 555223 – FAQ: Microsoft SQL Server,

There is a long established team of Microsoft employees who work directly with our SAP SQL Server platform team. Our SAP team is co-located with most of that team in both SAP’s headquarters and Microsoft’s headquarters. SAP provides basic information about SQL Server specific features in the links above, and the Microsoft colleagues post deeper, more detailed descriptions of SQL Server and other Microsoft application features to their blog Running SAP Applications on the Microsoft Platform. This team has also written two extensive whitepapers which are a “must read” for any SAP on SQL Server administrator:

1. Whitepaper SAP on SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014

2. SAP with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2005: Best Practices for High Availability, Maximum Performance, and Scalability

Our comment:
This is really great and useful for those are implemented and planning to use SAP on SQL Server. A must read whitepaper! In case there are new SQL version coming out, do visit SAP Note 555223 – FAQ: Microsoft SQL Server for the updates!


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