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The UFLAG is the numbering value to determine the status of a user in the SAP system. The status here means, lock /unlock mode which can be refer to the following details,

0 – No Lock
32 – Global Account Lock (Locked by CUA)
64 – Local Account Lock (Locked by Administrator)
128 – Password Lock (Failed password login)
128 + 64 = 192 – Password Lock + Locked by Administrator
128 + 32 = 160 – Password Lock + Locked by CUA

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  • Bharath Reddy

    you mentioned 64 means locked by administrtor and 32 means locked by CUA then
    192=128+64 is it (paslock+CUA) or (paslock+Adminlock)
    please clarify my doubt
    thanks & Regards

    • Hi,

      I have made the correction! Thanks!

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