SAPBC_DATA_GENERATOR_ALE: Flight Data Generator for Distributed Systems (ALE)

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Flight Data Generator for Distributed Systems (ALE)


This report is used exclusively as part of the flight data model for demonstration and training purposes. It is not intended for productive operation.

This report ensures that consistent data is available when the flight data model is used in a distributed environment (ALE).

WARNING: Only use the report if a distributed environment does actually exist for the flight data model. Otherwise irreparable loss of data and inconsistencies may occur.

In a distributed environment, each airline has exactly one original system. (Here, multiple airlines can work in a single system. Travel agency systems, where no airline has an original system, can also exist.)

In the original system, all flight bookings (SBOOK) and complete data for the flights (SFLIGHT) must exist for the airline. In non-original systems, no flight bookings must exist for the corresponding airline, and the flights must only exist as a partial copy. The latter means that the flights (in SFLIGHT) contain no details about availability and no total cost.

This report generates a consistent dataset by deleting (in the executing system) all bookings and some information on all flights for the airlines that do not reside in original systems.


• The flight data model is used in a distributed environment (ALE).

• In all the systems involved, the normal flight data generator (SAPBC_DATA_GENERATOR) was executed on the same day. This ensures that all the systems involved contain identical flight data.

• Wherever possible, no changes should be made to the flight data (such as additional flight bookings) in the individual systems.

• This report must be executed in all the systems involved.


In the input template, all the airlines that have their originals in this system must be specified.

WARNING: If no airline has its original in this system, you must explicitly specify the initial value as the permitted single value. If no entry is made, this always means there are no selection restrictions, and therefore has the same meaning for all airlines.


For all airlines that are not specified, all bookings and some fields of all flights are deleted.


Lufthansa (LH) is the only airline that has its original in this system. LH is specified in the input template correspondingly.

No changes are made to flights and flight bookings of Lufthansa (field CARRID = ‘LH’).

For all other airlines, all flight bookings (SBOOK) are deleted. The information regarding availability and total costs for all flights are also deleted (fields SEATSMAX, SEATSOCC, SEATSMAX_B, SEATSOCC_B, SEATSMAX_F, SEATSOCC_F and PAYMENTSUM in SFLIGHT).

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