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The error occurred when we are doing the support package for component SAP_BASIS, SAPKB70009 to SAPKB70014. The error popping out from SAPKB0012.

SAPKB0012 Error 2

Function MEREP_CASCADE_DELETE (MEREP_RUNTIME|42) does not fit into the existing function group ((MEREP_RUNTIME_MASS|02))
Message no. TW165

A function module with LIMU FUNC … was transported in the transport request.

An import is only possible if this function module belongs to the same

function group in the target system and
has the same internal number as in the source system.
These conditions were not observed in the target system.

This problem can occur,

if an entry LIMU FUNC … is included in a transport request manually in the object list editor,
or if a function module is deleted, and then created again under the same name in another function group, and deletion and creation are recorded in the same change request.
System Response
The function module was not imported.

You can remove the error by making another transport from the source system. Transport the affected function groups once more in their entirety. To do this, use the transport object R3TR FUGR … .

You can avoid the second type of error (deletion and creation in another function group) as follows:

In the ABAP Workbench use the function Reassign, or record the deletion and the new creation in separate change requests.
Release the change request with the deletion before you release the change request with the new creation.


You can find the error log from the transport of SAPKB70012 itself.

SAPKB0012 Error

Based on SAP Note 822379, you can do the following steps –

Go to Extras > Ignore test import errors. Then, resume the upgrade back. The error should be appear no more.

SPAM - Ignore test import errors

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