SAPMMC: sapcpe / strdbs – Could not be started

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You have bringing up an SAP system and it is accessible from the SAP GUI. But in SAPMMC, there are 2 errors shows in process – sapcpe, strdbs – could not be started. FYI, this is for SAP system on Windows environment.

sapcpe & strdbs - Could not be started


First of all, you may need to look up on below log files which you will route you to the possible root causes.


Most of the cases, the error can be resolved by following ways,

• Check and confirm both files, sapcpe & strdbs are exists on both directories.

\usr\sap\SID\SYS\exe\uc\NTAMD64  ---> either uc / nuc

• Ensure your environments are configured and correctly pointing to the desired variables.

• Go to Windows Services program. Double click on SAPSID_SN service. Ensure the path to executable (sapstartsrv.exe) is pointing to the correct directory. Also, do check on the SAP profile pointing.

• Using transaction code RZ10 and RZ11, verify the parameter,


Upgrade the SAP kernel to the latest.

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