Suspend & Release Jobs during SAP Upgrade

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When you are doing upgrade for SAP system, you need to cancel/suspend jobs that are in released status in the transaction SM37. But, you realized that there are too many released jobs that need to be manually delete before an upgrade and to then manually schedule back after the upgrade. So, to overcome this, you need to run report BTCTRNS1 & BTCTRNS2 to automatically suspend and schedule back the released jobs that been canceled during the upgrade.

Suspend released jobs before the upgrade

By using transaction SE38 to call report BTCTRNS1 before starting the upgrade, jobs that have already been released are ‘Suspend for upgrade’.

• The status of all released jobs is set to a non-standard status. That is, to a status other than planned, released, active, finished or cancelled.
• Prior to Release 4.6, the jobs are no longer displayed in the job overview (transaction SM37). As of Release 4.6, they are displayed with status released/susp.
• Any scheduled RDDIMPDPs (also triggered by an event) are not affected.

Re-releasing the jobs after the upgrade

To do this, call the BTCTRNS2 report after the upgrade is completed successfully, also by using transaction SE38.

• The jobs that BTCTRNS1 set with a special status are then restored to their original status (released).
• All jobs suppressed before the upgrade with BTCTRNS1 are then displayed as ‘Released’ in the job overview (transaction SM37). This also affects RDDIMPDP jobs. There should not be more than one RDDIMPDP running in any client.

Additional note:
If there is a job that is released after the run of BTCTRNS1 and before the upgrade, this job will not be suspended automatically.

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