SCOV: SAP Coverage Analyzer

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Starting the Coverage Analyzer

1. You start the Coverage Analyzer by choosing SAP Menu > Test > Coverage Analyzer in the SAP Easy Access screen. You can also start it from any screen by entering transaction code scov and choosing <Enter>.

Functions of the Coverage Analyzer

2. After you have started the Coverage Analyzer, the initial screen appears with the menu tree and statuses of the main functions. You can call up the functions from the menu tree by double-clicking them.

The initial screen shows the traffic lights for the general status and the status of the current application server. The name of the server is displayed at the bottom of the screen. The green traffic light indicates that the following subfunctions are switched on:

• Main Switch
• Record History
• Data Collection

A message is displayed on this screen if warnings or errors exist. You can display these in the Monitor menu.

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