SE06: Processing after Installation of CTO

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Transaction code SE06 has to be executed once in every newly installed R/3 System. This applies to an R/3 standard installation as well as the installation of a copy of an existing R/3 system. SE06 provides the following functions for processing after installation:

• Generating basic settings of the Change & Transport Organizer.
• Closing other requests & tasks.
• Setting the system change option.

SE06: Processing after Installation of CTO

Standard installation

The system was installed from the SAP CD using R3setup. It is assumed that the system is running on a correct, delivered version of the R/3 System. No adjustments based on corrections or repairs have been made.

Database copy / database migration

The system was created on the basis of a copy. R3setup provides utilities to do this. The system needs to be assigned a new and independent role within the SAP system group or outside of it.


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