Set Leave Reminder in AIX

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You can have the system remind you to leave at a specified time with the leave command. The leave command reminds you to leave at 5 minutes and 1 minute before the actual time, then again at the specified time, and at every minute thereafter. When you log out, the leave command exits just before it would have displayed the next message.

If you do not specify a time, the leave command prompts with the ‘At what time do you need to leave?’ message. A reply of newline causes the leave command to exit; otherwise, the reply is assumed to be a time. This form is suitable for inclusion in a .login or .profile file. Enter the time in the hhmm format. All times are converted to a 12-hour clock and assumed to relate to the next 12 hours. You can use the + flag to set the number of hours and minutes from the current time for the alarm to occur.

Additional note:
The leave command ignores interrupt, quit, and terminate operations. To clear the leave command, either log out or use the kill -9 command and provide the process ID.

• To remind yourself to leave at 3:45, type the following and press Enter:

# leave 345

• To remind yourself to leave in 20 minutes, type the following and press Enter:

# leave +0020

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