Side-Effects of SAP Notes

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Taken from SAP official website,

When applying one or more support packages, it is possible that some notes in the support packages may cause harmful side-effects in other areas of your SAP system. When SAP has identifies this situation, a new note will be created to correct the side-effect problem. This note will eventually be included in a future support package.

If you are planning to apply one or more support packages, you can use the report on Side-Effects of SAP Notes to find out what additional notes you need to apply to correct any side-effect conditions.

This report provides an overview of currently known side-effects of SAP Notes contained in a SAP Support Package. It helps to protect your SAP solution from unwanted side effects that can occasionally occur after application of Support Packages or SAP Notes. Using the Side Effects Report, customers can reduce their internal support costs and increase the reliability of their SAP solution.

SAP Support Packages are collections of SAP Notes that provide software corrections. Applying SAP Notes or SAP Support Packages to a SAP solution enhances system stability and guards against potential problems. In some cases however, SAP Notes and SAP Support Packages are dependent on each other and resolution of a particular issue with one SAP Note may cause new issues to arise in other area or situations. To resolve these newly introduced issue, SAP publishes solution SAP Notes that are related to the causing SAP Note.

How to Request a Side-Effects of SAP Notes Report

1. Open below link (the link might be change in future)

2. Click on link (Request a Side-Effects of SAP Notes Report)

Request a Side Effects of SAP Note Report

3. Choose the desired system. Click Search.

Choose System

4. Define your system product version. Click Continue.

Choose Product Version

5. Define the software component(s) – the lowest / highest support package. In this example, we want to upgrade ST-PI 740 component – so just select the desired version available.

Range Support Packages

6. Click on Submit. Now, just wait for SAP to reply your side effects report.

Submit Side Effect Report


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