SM02: System Messages

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Transaction code SM02 is a very useful transaction for communicating system changes or alerts to the entire community of SAP users. Most importantly, it can be used to broadcast messages regarding security profile changes so users will be aware of downtime or any change or information about the system.


System message text – The 3 lines are the space for the message.
Server – Can be choose from the list
Client – Client number.
Lang. –  Language ( will only be received based on sender specific language )
Expires / Delete on – Message expired / when to delete time.


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  • Richard McMillan

    Is there any way to make an SM02 message persistent until it expires, or, in other words, make it appear at login more than once?

    • Siti

      Hi Richard,

      Set the Expires on/Delete on to the max ie 31.12.9999.

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