SM21: SSF_KRN_SIGN_BY_AS: Function Returned 5

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In transaction code SM21, you found error, SSF_KRN_SIGN_BY_AS: Function Returned 5 keeps generating.

SSF_KRN_SIGN_BY_AS - Function Returned 5


1. Execute transaction code SM21 and double click on the error. You will find the return code error number explanation. For our case, the return code is number 5  SSF API: Signer error.

Error number:
1 SSF API: No security product found
2 SSF API: Invalid security format
3 SSF API: No input data found
4 SSF API: Insufficient main memory
5 SSF API: Signer error
6 SSF API: No memory for results list
7 SSF API: Unknown address book
8 SSF API: Invalid address book password
9 SSF API: Recipient error
10 SSF API: Invalid hash algorithm
11 SSF API: Encoding of data failed
12 SSF API: Decoding of data failed
13 SSF API: Unknown error in security product
14 SSF API: Unknown error
15 SSF API: No security product license key
15 SSF API: Security product does not support encryption

2. Next, run the transaction code STRUST / STRUSTSSO2. Most probably the root cause is due incorrect certificate owner under the System PSE (The CN = xxx is wrong). To get rid of this error, right click on the System PSE and choose Replace.

STRUST - Replace System PSE

3. Select Yes.

STRUST - Replace System PSE 2

4. Accept the default value. Ensure the Name is correct and pointing to the the SID system. The error will no longer generating.

STRUST - Replace System PSE 3

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