SM37: NO_MORE_SPACE: Can not create MTE: no more space

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In the BW system, the process chains was completed successfully but from the job log of transaction code SM37, there are warning message stated,

NO_MORE_SPACE: Can not create MTE: no more space: no more MESSAGE_CONTAINER slots available


Execute transaction code BWCCMS. Go to Extras and click on Activate Maintenance Function.

Select or highlight the node and press SHIFT + F2. The below screen of Note for “Delete Node” Operation will appear. Choose Option 4. This activity will delete all the stored logs.

BWCCMS - Node for Delete Node Operation

By default the logs are kept for 7 days. You can reduce the logs store time by following steps,

Execute transaction code RZ21.Under the Methods section, choose Method definitions and click on Display Overview.

RZ21 - Method Definitions

Next, look for RSPC_CCMS_AGENT and switch to change mode. Under the Parameters tab, change the Parameter Name DAYS_TO_KEEP_LOGS to the value less than 7. Now, click on Save.


Alternatively, you can increase the logs storage by increasing the value of parameter alert/MONI_SEGM_SIZE.


SAP Note 731165, 135503

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