SOST: Error while automatically determining the default internet domain

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In transaction SOST, your are getting error, “Internal error: SO_OBJECT_MIME_GET Exception:2” while checking the email delivery status. Internal error - SO_OBJECT_MIME_GET Exception - 2 In order to dig further details, you need to look onto the trace file. You can get the trace from transaction code SOST. Highlight the error email, select Send Request > Display Trace from the top menu. Then, select Choose (or F2) to view the trace. In this exercise, below error was found.

BCS->MIME_MESSAGE_GENERATE 	Error when generating MIME flow
BCS->MIME_MESSAGE_GENERATE 	Error while automatically determining the
				default internet domain
SO_OBJECT_MIME_GET		No MIME Document Received. Error Code: MIME_BCS
SX_GENERATE_NDR			Internal error: SO_OBJECT_MIME_GET Exception: 2


1. From the top menu of transaction code SCOT, select Settings > Default Domain. Define the default domain and save. You can resend the email again SCOT - Default Domain


SAP Note 487754

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