sp_iqlmconfig: Sybase IQ License Management

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You can use command sp_iqlmconfig to look for information details on Sybase IQ licensing. This command is also usable for managing and configuring the licensing.

Sybase IQ License


Property Value
License Type Your company.
Edition ’SE’ (Small Business) ’SA’ (Single Application) ’EE’ (Enterprise Edition).
License Type ’AC’ (OEM CPU License) ’AH’ (OEM CPU License Chip) ’BC’ (OEM Standby License) ’BH’ (OEM Standby License Chip) ’CP’ (CPU License) ’CH’ (CPU License Chip) ’DH’ (Development and Testing License Chip) ’DT’ (Development and Testing) ’EV’ (Evaluation) ’SF’ (Standby CPU License) ’SH’ (Standby CPU License Chip)
Application Type IQ
IQ_CORE License Count in use Your Server CPU Core Based
Email Severity Options available – { ’ERROR’ | ’WARNING’ | ’INFORMATIONAL’ | ’NONE’ }
SMTP Host Specifies SMTP host used for e-mail notification
SMTP Port Specifies SMTP port used for e-mail notification
Email Sender Specifies the sender’s e-mail address used for e-mail notification
Email Recepients Specifies a comma-separated list of e-mail addresses to whom e-mail notifications will be sent


License Type
Sybase Infocenter
SAP Note 2372218 – Requisite IQ licenses for SAP-NLS solution – SAP BW with SAP IQ Nearline-Storage

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