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You received below error while importing the support packages via transaction code SPAM. This error occurred due to the files are already uploaded/defined in SPAM but then, you try to import the support packages again. The file need to be fully removed via SAP and OS level before proceeding the next import.

The import was stopped, since an error occurred during 
the phase CHECK_REQUIREMENTS, which the Support Package Manager 
is unable to resolve without your input.

After you have corrected the cause of the error, continue with the import by
choosing Support Package -> Import queue from the initial screen of
the Support Package Manager.
The following details help you to analyze the problem:

     -   Error in phase: CHECK_REQUIREMENTS
     -   Reason for error: QUEUE_NOT_EMPTY
     -   Return code:
     -   Error message:


1. Delete all the related files from DIR_EPS_ROOT

2. Delete the buffer file (use mv commnad – to clean all buffer)

mv SID SID.old

3. In transaction code STMS, delete the related request.

4. You can SAPCAR again the file and load via SPAM.

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