SPAM/SAINT: SAPCAR – Error in loading the cryptographic library (error 56)

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You are loading up the SAP installation package media from the front end using the transaction code SPAM / SAINT. Unfortunately, below error message is prompting out,

SAPCAR error: SAPCAR: error in loading the cryptographic library (error 56).
Message No. TN716

An error occurred when processing the transferred file.

System Response
The software installed to process compressed files (SAPCAR) attempted to decompress the transferred file. An error occurred in the process. Data that has already been decompressed is deleted from the application server to avoid inconsistencies.

Use SAPCAR to check the consistency of the compressed file before it is transferred. The file may be damaged. If this is the case, download the file again from the SAP Service Marketplace to your computer and repeat the process.

SAPCAR - error in loading the cryptographic library


SAP has released SAP Note 2377859 – SAPCAR: error in loading the cryptographic library (error 56) during upload of Archives in SPAM for the resolution.

Basically, what you have to do is,

From the screen of transaction code SPAM / SAINT, go to Extras > Settings. Jump to Load packages tab and unchecked the Verify digital signature of archives.

SAINT - Verify digital signature of archives

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