SSO logon not possible; browser logon ticket cannot be accepted

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You received below error while opening your system portal system.

SSO logon not possible browser logon ticket cannot be accepted


Ensure below steps of configuring the SSO is fulfill.

1. Enable your browser to store the cookies.

2. The back-end system (ABAP) must be maintained by the following parameter,

login/accept_sso2_ticket= 1
login/create_sso2_ticket= 2
icm/host_name_full = <FULL HOSTNAME>

3. Ensure the FQDN is followed as per SAP Note 434918 and SAP Note 654982.

4. Confirm the SAPSECULIB & SAPCRYPTOLIB have to be set accordingly.

5. Export, import the PORTAL certificate to ABAP (backend) and ABAP to PORTAL. Ensure to include the certificate into ACL (for other client). This can be done via STRUSTSSO2.

6. Ensure SMLG, logon group is set accordingly.

7. Ensure user is okay. (not locked, expired)

8. ABAP – Portal must have same ID. Example, if user A login to ABAP as lingam, he need to login to PORTAL as lingam. But, if the ID is different, you will need to re-mapping the ID in PORTAL.

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