Start & Stop Oracle Listener

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The Oracle listener is set up to start automatically whenever your server machine is restarted. However, when your system encounters unforeseen circumstances, or when you have manually stopped the listener, you can  restart it at the command line. To do so, use the following:

lsnrctl start

You can use Enterprise Manager to stop the listener. To do so, navigate to the Listener: listener_name page by clicking Listener on the Home page. To shut down the listener, click Stop. You can also stop it at the command line using the following:

lsnrctl stop

Alternatively, you may login using the authorized OS user (orasid – example for SAP application). Execute the lsnrctl command,

> lsnrctl

LSNRCTL for IBM/AIX ITSITI System/1234: Version
Copyright (c) 1991, 2013, Oracle.  All rights reserved.
Welcome to LSNRCTL, type "help" for information.

The following operations are available
An asterisk (*) denotes a modifier or extended command:

start               stop                status
services            version             reload
save_config         trace               spawn
change_password     quit                exit
set*                show*

Type in the stop/start command to bring down/up the listener. Use status command to check the availability.

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