How to Start & Stop Query Patroller in DB2

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The Query Patroller is a tool developed for query management system. With this tool, user can proactively and dynamically control the flow of queries in the DB2 database. The functions allow users to regulate the database query workloads in which the low and high priority queries can be run promptly.

Users can collect the completed queries and analyze accordingly to rectify the trends on the following,

• users usage
• most access tables / indexes
• low / high volume queries

As result, the system resources are been used efficiently.

Before the Query Patroller can be started, you need to ensure the DB2 database is started and the parameter dyn_query_mgmt is set to ENABLE.

Start Query Patroller


Stop Query Patroller



As of DB2 Version 10.1 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows – The Query Patroller is discontinued and you must use the DB2® workload manager instead as your workload management solution. Refer to IBM websitefor details.

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